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Sponsorship for Culture, Youth & Humanitarian Initiatives

What is your corporate sponsorship's strategy?

LVMH's success has enabled it to develop over the past fourteen years an innovative and ambitious corporate sponsorship strategy. The Group supports a wide array of public interest initiatives, which reflect and nurture the core values that have driven the long-term success of our brands.

The first facet of the Group's sponsorship effort is cultural, aimed at the revitalization and promotion of our artistic heritage. Our approach embraces a dynamic and contemporary interpretation of this heritage: restoring major cultural sites, helping people to understand and rediscover key periods in the history of art. LVMH contributed to the restoration of seven rooms in the Palace of Versailles' North Wing and, since 1991, has sponsored a host of exhibits and retrospectives.

The second effort is educational, and as such is dedicated to fostering the cultural instincts of younger generations, particularly in fine arts and music.

Created in 1994, the "LVMH Young Artists' Award", organized during the exhibitions sponsored by LVMH, provides financial aid to art students around the world. For elementary school students, another program was created in 1997: the LVMH "Discovery and Education" classes.

In music, the "1000 seats for young people" project has awarded 16,000 concert seats over the last eight years to young musicians training in Paris conservatories. LVMH also supports young virtuosos by lending them Stradivariuses from its collection and by organizing concerts to promote young talent.

Finally, LVMH's sponsorship initiatives include a humanitarian dimension, focused on public health, the environment and research. LVMH has chosen to support several foundations and scientific teams, and also to incorporate social or humanitarian causes in all its cultural projects.

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