Nude Skincare has an obsession with nature’s most nutritious ingredients. Their balanced diet of omegas, minerals, probiotics, and botanical extracts offers the undeniable result: a luminous, healthy complexion. Your skin craves it.

Creation date: 2007
Chief Executive Officer: Anastasia C. Ayala
Head office: 19 Shorts Gardens, WC2H 9AW, London - England


It started with one simple question: why can’t healthy, natural skincare be high-performance skincare? Convinced that a balanced and natural diet is as important for the skin as it is for the body, the co-founders of Nude Skincare have launched an innovative approach to skincare. Bryan Meehan, co-founder of organic grocery chain Fresh & Wild, and Ali Hewson, co-founder of the conscious fashion brand Edun, both have an instinctive trust in the power of nature. Their skincare range uses natural ingredients that nourish the skin with a diet of omegas, minerals, probiotics and antioxidants delivering everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t. Aimed at enhancing natural beauty, the Nude Skincare range uses an ethical and sustainable approach to innovative skincare.

Bryan Meehan & Ali Hewson, co-founders of the Nude brand © Nude 2014


Nude Skincare’s inspiration is a woman who is in search of the best that nature has to offer and who thrives in a world where beauty is synonymous with authenticity. Conscious of her health and well-being, she uses products that are natural, healthy and high-performance. With her global mindset, she looks for sustainable sourcing methods, pure ingredients and responsible modes of production.

The inspiration for Nude Skincare: a naturally, socially-conscious woman, like co-founder Ali Hewson © Nude


Bryan Meehan, co-founder © Nude 2011

“Nude is a healthy, natural skincare range that not only nourishes your skin, but also actively renews and revives – try and see.”


Beautiful skin begins with nutrition. Each of Nude’s products reflects their obsession with nature’s most nutritious ingredients that give your skin the nourishment it needs. Designed in partnership with leading experts and scientific laboratories, these skincare products work to restore skin’s health. The brand’s signature ProGenius Omega Treatment Oil contains ten all-natural plant oils carefully selected for their richness in omegas and anti-aging results. Nude continues to build upon this success with the launch of ProGenius Omega Treatment Milk that delivers hydration through superfood nutrition and ProGenius Rescue Oil that repairs and defends with bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol. A press and customer favorite, Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash, has multiple sources of Vitamin C and is the first natural fizzing wash that cleanses, instantly smoothes and leaves skin glowing.

ProGenius Omega Treatment Collection from Nude Skincare helps hydrate, repair and fight signs of aging with omegas and superfood extracts © Nude 2014
Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash by Nude Skincare is a brightening and refining effervescent powder wash with multiple sources of Vitamin C, enzymes and rose hip seeds © Nude 2014


The brand sources its ingredients exclusively from producers who guarantee not only the natural origins and quality of what they produce, but also the ethical and responsible nature of their production methods. Nude Skincare works on a daily basis to find the best supply sources throughout the world. Each ingredient is carefully selected, and those that are left out – parabens, silicones and other products derived from petrochemicals – are done so absolutely and definitively.

Key figures

  • 418 stores distributing Nude Skincare worldwide
  • 30 employees
  • 10 natural plant oils contained in 10 progenius Omega Treatment Oil

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