December 14, 2012



A very special holiday scene unfolds at 68, Avenue des Champs Élysées in Paris, Guerlain’s emblematic flagship store. To celebrate Christmas, the perfume house has created a multisensory fairy tale under a giant Christmas ornament that seems to come alive when you pass by, beckoning with a voice...

As you approach, you recognize an enticing scent in the air—La Petite Robe Noire. You draw closer, your senses now keenly alert. The décor springs to life in a wondrous spectacle. La Petite Robe Noire swirls and enchants her Paris kingdom. Draped in snow, the city displays its splendor beneath her steps, metamorphosed by pure magic…

The twirling iconic Parisienne imagined by Kuntzel+Deygas capers gracefully through a miniature Paris. After dashing atop a Paris metro, she glides across the summit of the Arc de Triomphe, her skates tracing a “G” for Guerlain in her last breathtaking figure. Until December 27.

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