April 18, 2014



Berluti partnered with French bicycle-makers Cycles Victoire to create the ultimate ride for the modern urban gentleman, a unique tribute to the historical connections between the House and the world of sports.

Small manufacture based in Clermont-Ferrand (France), Cycles Victoire is an incarnation of the French bicycle-making savoir-faire. Uniting high technologies and exceptional craftsmanship, Cycles Victoire bicycles are produced and entirely assembled by hand in France. The perfect rides for the most demanding of clients.

Collaboration was inspired by the esthetics of the “porters”, bicycle used by delivery-men at the beginning of the last century. The equipment includes a made-to-measure baggage. To complete the look, Berluti offers a special collection which includes a frame pouch, basket with straps and footrests. The House has also unveiled a sports edition of its iconic Alessandro shoe, coming in two shades of Vitello Amazon leather, the shoe elegantly fits the ride.  

In May, the happy encounter between Berluti and sports will be available on special order at the brand boutiques in Paris, New York, London and Tokyo, which will honor the collaboration with bike-themed window displays. 

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