January 26, 2012

Immersion in the science of beauty


De Beers Diamond Jewellers has introduced "De Beers Jewellery Book", published by Assouline. Beyond the iconic brand, the work recounts the mythic world of diamonds, from their early discovery in India to the painstaking creation of modern-day treasures, exquisitely embodied in the perfect creations of De Beers Diamond Jewellers.

Available since December 2011, this beautiful publication presents the myriad facets of diamonds: the dualities of science and poetry, a natural mineral, a work of art. "De Beers Jewellery Book" is a fascinating journey into the world of the eternal precious gem.

The work is testimony to the De Beers Ethos that guides its art. Drawing on 120 years of expertise, De Beers Diamond Jewellers reveals the unique fire of each diamond with an exceptional savoir-faire that has made it the standard-bearer in high jewelry.

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