March 8, 2013

The fragrance
of love

From Grace Jones’ cover of Edith Piaf’s legendary La Vie en Rose to the flowers on screen, everything’s coming up roses in the new Dior film showcasing its iconic perfume, Miss Dior.

Miss Dior was named after the designer’s younger sister, Catherine. The complex fragrance with galbanum notes was released in 1947 alongside the first Dior couture collection. From then on, Christian Dior pictured the elegant flacon as the very soul that inspired his gowns.

Directed by Sofia Coppola, the new Miss Dior ad breathes freshness and modernity, just like the juice revisited by Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy. The femininity is updated, timeless, and exhilarating. With its poetic, light-filled portrayal of the Dior woman, the film is as romantic as it is contemporary.

Actress Natalie Portman is the face for a blooming woman who exudes sophisticated elegance. Twirling towards her destiny, she’s transported by joie de vivre and guided by the beat of her heart through a carefree jaunt. The only thing left behind is a trail of notes from Miss Dior,  the perfume of love.

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