March 23, 2012



Dior unveiled its new Dior VIII watches at the Baselworld show. The exceptional women’s timepieces are veritable works of art, featuring stunning details emblematic of Dior haute horlogerie. A year after the first Dior VIII, the Dior VIII Baguettes, Dior VIII Grand Bal and Dior VIII Grand Bal Haute Couture collections are enriching the line.

In black or white high-tech ceramic with quartz or automatic movements, there is a timepiece for every desire. The automatic movement models are fitted with the "Dior inversé" caliber, with a visible lacquered oscillating weight. In the Dior VIII Grand Bal watches, the weight floats on the dial set, inset with diamonds or delicately sculpted into lace or feather patterns. Its to-and-fro movement brings to mind the sweep of a ball gown.

In the new Dior VIII models, timekeeping meets the glamour of a gala ball. They are a vibrant homage to Christian Dior, whose lucky number was eight. It’s thus no coincidence that the Dior VIII Grand Bal collection is limited to 88 pieces...

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