March 28, 2013

A tasty

La Grande Epicerie de Paris has once again teamed with chocolatier Daniel Mercier to create an amazing Easter collection around the theme of kaleidoscopes. Rabbits, fish and chickens are all back for an encore, this time with sleek edges and a splash of color!

The prestigious Paris food emporium proposes a selection that is both delicious and playful, marking a refreshing difference with traditional Easter chocolates. What’s more, these are limited edition delights, each numbered and handcrafted by master chocolatier Daniel Mercier.

The chocolates were all designed in-house. The moulds were made using a 3D printout from paper sketches. The chocolate was then poured into the moulds before being dipped in baths of colorful cacao.

Chocolate lovers will have to hurry though: only 120 pieces in dark or milk chocolate have been made for this limited edition. The incredible Easter collection is joined by an array of cakes and sweets from the pastry chefs at La Grande Epicerie.

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