July 29, 2013

in the air


Next winter will definitely have a surrealistic feel at Kenzo. Ultra-creative design duo Umberto Leon and Carol Lim called on the team behind the provocative magazine TOILETPAPER, founded three years ago by sculptor-star Maurizio Cattelan and his acolyte Pierpaolo Ferrari.

The magazine is known for its boundary-breaking, irreverent images, never failing to surprise (and confound) readers. Their non-conformist spirit infuses the newest Kenzo campaign. When a kitten swaddled in a shoe meets a tiger-striped dog, the results are indeed unexpected.



The “Clouds” collection for this winter is equally amazing, staged with models Sean O’Pry and Rinko Kikuchi. Their wacky, Dadaist adventure includes riding manicured hands through the sky and being pinned onto an insect collector’s display board.



Colorful optical illusion prints abound, some covering a humanoid form that’s part leg, part arm. A deconstruction of the campaign visuals, the motif references Cattelan’s work, expressing an impertinence that avoids being flashy while always capturing attention. Eye-opening…  

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