February 9, 2012

A dazzling piece of design


The creator of the SoundForm FLUID bar, Philip Michael Wolfson, was inspired by the melodious sound of Glenmorangie being poured into a crystal tumbler. The stunning contours of the piece provide a visual representation of the sound, captured using an oscilloscope. The curved sections represent the liquid hitting the glass, before it settles into a flat surface.

The bar features a gold-and-black color scheme, and has built-in lighting and speaker systems. Philip Michael Wolfson’s work shares Glenmorangie’s commitment to the pursuit of perfection. Just like the Scottish distillery’s fine single malt, the SoundForm FLUID bar is "Unnecessarily Well Made".

Unveiled in Taiwan in December 2011, the bar is the focus of a media campaign targeted primarily at Asia-Pacific markets. It will be displayed at a number of exclusive locations in Asia, dazzling new audiences with its amazing profile.

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