May 21, 2013

A heritage
of scent


Versailles is emblematic of the history of perfume in France and home to the prestigious Institut Supérieur International du Parfum (ISIPCA), which trains the world’s greatest “noses”. Invited to join the Cour des Senteurs, Guerlain has inaugurated a new boutique in the heart of the former royal city, just a few steps from the Château.

The Cour des Senteurs is an innovative concept by architect and scenographer Philippe Pumain, in collaboration with the perfume historian Elisabeth de Feydeau. The space proposes a “trail of scent”, inviting visitors to discover the origins of perfumery, as well as the most recent contemporary expressions of this art. It includes rare raw materials alongside presentations of exceptional savoir-faire.

This initiative resonates with Guerlain’s prestigious past. Ties between the perfume house and Versailles date back to 1853, when the perfumer was appointed official supplier to the Imperial Court.

The new address is a modern-day tribute to the vibrant heritage, artistic crafts, expertise and time-honored skills that inform the soul of Guerlain. To mark the inauguration, Thierry Wasser drew inspiration from Marie-Antoinette—whose spirit continues to grace the environs—to create an exclusive jasmine jus.

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