April 23, 2012

A crescendo for Radio Classique's audience


Radio Classique has gained 227,000 additional listeners* since the first quarter of 2011 and now holds 2.3 percent** of the total French radio audience. This resounding success crowns the station’s active audience-building strategy. In addition to top-flight classical music programming and business and political news, featuring well-known hosts, Radio Classique has expanded into concerts and entertainment.

The fourth annual Festival Radio Classique will take place in June at the storied Olympia concert hall in Paris. Also in Paris, the station will sponsor the “Carnaval des Animaux” concert series for young listeners this winter. This latest audience rating is a fitting tribute to the station, which is dedicated to bringing classical music to the broadest possible audience.

*Source: Mediamétrie “126 000” survey of radio listeners, Jan-March 2012 (Mon.-Fri.), vs. Jan.-March 2011 (Mon.-Fri.), age group 13+, growth in number of listeners.

**Source: Mediamétrie “126 000” survey of radio listeners, Jan-March 2012 (Mon.-Fri.),  age group 13+, percent of total audience.

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