April 29, 2013

Awards salute


The 28th Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival, which took place from April 26-29, recognized several very talented and promising young designers and photographers.

The Grand Prix went to Finnish designer Satu Maaranen for her “Garment in Landscape” collection. The chromatic power of her silhouettes was unanimously saluted by the jury, headed by Felipe Oliveira Baptista. The Prix Chloé was awarded to Swiss designer Camille Kunz for her collection “the boy vanishes”, while the Prix du public de la Ville d’Hyères recognized Shanshan Ruan of China for a collection called “IN MOTION”.

In the photography competition, the Grand Prix was awarded to Petros Efstathiadis for his series “Liparo & Bombs”. The Prix du Public de la Ville d’Hyères went to France’s Emile Barret for his “Triple Corps” series. The School of Visual Arts in New York will grant a scholarship to Polish photographer Anna Orlowska for her “Leakage” project. Once again this year, the Festival culminated with an international panel of superbly talented prize winners.

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