June 3, 2013

A passion for métiers

In conjunction with Les Journées Particulières, LVMH asked five of its artisans to talk about their vision of their exceptional métiers. All express tremendous pride in their savoir-faire, which they are eager to share with the public on June 15-16.

The Group will release the videos in succession starting today, providing a chance to meet people who have chosen careers in worlds where excellence is shaped by passion. The core of LVMH’s identity resides in the virtuosity of its artisans. They are equally dedicated to transmitting their skills to others, ensuring that our Houses continue to thrive from one generation to the next.

From the laboratory kitchens of the Grande Epicerie in Paris to Guerlain’s production site in Orphin in France, and from the Zenith watch manufacture in Switzerland to the Loewe workshop in Spain, this video journey takes us backstage where dreams are made. The journey begins at Clos-du-Mesnil in Champagne with Julie Cavil, oenologist at Krug.

You will find all the artisans testimonials from June 3rd until June 7th on the Journées Particulières dedicated website and on our YouTube channel.

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