November 2, 2010

Louis Vuitton,
100 Legendary Trunks


"Louis Vuitton, 100 Legendary Trunks" is a book that recounts the history of this iconic luggage through over 800 documents and photos. The symbol of a world on the move, the trunk closely tracked the changing desires of demanding owners right from the first models.

This tribute to the mythic trunks features five categories of loyal owners: Explorers, crowned, dandies, artists and eccentrics all reveled in trunks that perfectly fit their lifestyle.

With an elegant forward by Patrick-Louis Vuitton, the book is richly illustrated with documents from archives. It also reveals some of the manufacturing secrets that went into this precious travel companion. From the Monogram canvas coverings to myriad hued hotel labels, the book is a delectable invitation to travel….

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