May 29, 2012

A constellation
on the wrist


Designed in the 1990s, the Khesis bracelet, is one of Chaumet’s legendary creations. Women loved the bold combination of steel and diamond in “rice grain” links. Now Chaumet is revisiting the iconic piece with the stunningly elegant Khesis watch collection, an ode to femininity in white pearl or “lumière” star crystal.

This is the stuff of poetry. Entirely made of sapphire star crystal, the jeweled timepiece lives up to its name:  “khesis” means “light” in Navajo. Exclusively developed for Chaumet, sapphire star crystal is an innovative, virtually scratchproof material that casts starry reflections on the wrist.

The quartz movement dial, adorned with brilliant-cut diamond markers, is housed in a supple link strap, cuff or lady style, with delicate, shining crystal studs. The dazzling result is part timepiece, part shooting star….

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