May 13, 2013

Loewe x The Selby


Loewe invited photographer Todd Selby to share his very personal vision of the Loewe workshop in Getafe, as well as the residence of Señor Loewe, a descendant of the founder and ambassador of the Madrid leather goods House.

Loewe is featured on the photographer’s popular blog, The Selby is in your place, with photos take in the intimacy of a rarely seen space. Avoiding anecdotal clichés, he captures the studious and magnetic atmosphere of the workshop where Loewe bags like the legendary Amazona are crafted.

Inaugurated in early December 2012, the Getafe site now includes the delicate leather cutting stage of the manufacturing process. The photos spotlight the meticulous gestures of the artisans as well as their tools, elegantly laid out on their tables.

The series tells  the story of leather goods pieces being made from the softest and rarest leathers by artisans with real passion. This passion and their inimitable savoir-faire are transmitted from generation to generation.

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