July 30, 2012

LVMH now
on Pinterest


LVMH on Pinterest takes web users on a visual tour of its world through three of its favourite topics: outstanding places, iconic products, and know-how. LVMH’s corporate film is also available on the site.

LVMH and its Houses have a unique heritage, with exceptional places protected over the centuries, including family houses, workshops, wine cellars and retail locations.

The history of LVMH and its Houses is studded with iconic products. Timeless and instantly recognisable, they cross the centuries, sometimes handed down through the same family. Christian Dior’s Bar suit and Guerlain’s Meteorites are just two in a long line of inimitable creations.

These iconic products have been made possible by unique know-how, specific to each House. Our Houses have always succeeded in adapting and perfecting their expertise to perpetuate a heritage of priceless traditions, which our craftspeople seek to hand down to future generations.

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