April 30, 2014

the crafts


Actively engaged in educational initiatives preserving the savoir-faire and cultural heritage of the crafts, the LVMH group has committed itself to the development of young talents. Its latest initiative is the creation of an ambitious partnership with the renowned Paris Jewelry School (BJOP).

Founded in 1867, the educational institution, uniting three separate schools (Ecole Privée, CFA et BJO Formation), has achieved its high reputation by transmitting precious jewelry-making techniques and traditional savoir-faire combined with modern technologies.

The LVMH project with BJOP Formation is a newly-created 24-months apprenticeship program which will accept 8 to 12 students for the autumn 2014 intake and would lead to the professional aptitude certificate (CAP) in “Jewelry Arts and Techniques”. The participants of the initiative will alternate lectures at BJOP and practical work activities within the Houses of the LVMH group. 

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