February 2, 2011

The essence of luxury
at Dior


Ever the aesthete, Kris Van Assche restated his attachment to beautiful basics. In an extravagant but empty mansion, the Dior clan, wearing stetsons and wrapped in voluminous black capes or long chocolate or charcoal coats, nonchalantly took to the runway like psychedelic zorros. The poetry was in the voluptuous ease and simplicity of the clothes – a minimalist vision of luxury.

To attain this very modern comfort, the classic codes of the male wardrobe were deliberately pared down. Supple knits with frayed and unraveled edges were more important than shirts. The fluidity of unlined jackets, the ease of reversible and totally seamless overcoats in wool or cashmere created featherweight layers. The Dior wardrobe is lighter than air.

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