September 27, 2013

Milan in


After New York, the heart of style kept beating at Milan Fashion Week. Fendi and Emilio Pucci put on a stunning demonstration of creativity and savoir-faire.

The Fendi show opened with an extraordinary series of layered organza pieces. Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Fendi womenswear since 1965, sent out a collection full of color and subtle cutting. Delicate lines were joined by art deco inspired geometric patterns. Touches of mink proposed a nod the Fendi’s DNA.

At Emilio Pucci, Massai motifs and bright colors mixed with the house’s iconic prints as part of a new sportswear collection. Parkas got a luxury treatment, worn over revisited boxing trunks and athletic tops that played with transparency. The show was both glamorous and psychedelic, a great prelude ahead of Paris Fashion Week.

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