August 16, 2012

My Kenzoki
to Take Away


Kenzo Perfumes has created a new travel-format beauty kit featuring three star products from the Kenzoki skincare line. Easily slipped into your travel bag, the new kit keeps you looking good at all times.

The case contains a trio of products to accompany you throughout the day. The first, a daytime cream called Cream with a Sheen, hydrates and catches the light, for a fresh complexion and great-looking highlights. The second product is Cleansing-Ice Jelly, stored in the refrigerator and used mornings and evenings for clean, radiant skin. Rounding out the trio is Cosmic Cosmetic Cream, applied at night for a luminous complexion every morning.

The new beauty kit is available in two other versions and retailed in airports and by airline and ferry companies.

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