February 19, 2013

2013 Shows


New York kicked off this year’s eagerly awaited fashion month. Edun, Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs each presented distinctive visions for Fall/Winter 2013-2014, a season that promises noble and luxuriant materials, comfort and elegance.

Edun creative directors Sharon Wauchob and Ricky Hendry took a walk on the hard side of counterculture for inspiration. Leather, tartan prints, chains and more created a resolutely rock’n’roll feel. The flaming red of a sheath dress brought a burst of brightness to the dark color palette.

Donna Karan once again showed her mastery of the art of jersey. A fresh take on her mythic seven easy pieces was right on message and perfectly in phase with the times. The silhouettes were an exemplary translation of the brand’s contemporary DNA, without slipping into the pitfalls of retro.

Marc Jacobs sent out a dazzling collection that played on contrasts. The tension between shimmering satin and matte fur spawned silhouettes with incredible vibrancy. The chromatic statement was equally dramatic: only once the lighting changed could the gorgeous colors of the clothes be appreciated. Both amazing and sensible…

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