September 6, 2013

China Now


“Everyone is trying to find that new Chinese voice.” In a compelling documentary, Nowness sets out to discover the essence of creativity in China. This inspiring meditation offers paths to understanding a country in the process of inventing its own take on modernity.

The world’s most populous country and the second-largest economy, China inspires intense fascination well beyond its borders. The art and architecture of the Middle Empire exert the same powerful attraction, buzzing with creativity and forward-facing innovation. But what exactly makes China so inventive.

Nowness attempts to answer this question. In a film entitled China Now, the LVMH Group’s global culture platform for digital storytelling reached out to some of those spearheading this Chinese revolution. Architects, designers, publishers and artists share personal insights on China and  its irrepressible creativity.

The four-minute documentary explores the streets of Beijing and Shanghai, including the Caochangdi village designed by artist Ai Weiwei, bringing viewers to the heart of a country “that’s still in flux, constantly reshaping,” as Modern Weekly magazine editor Shaway Yeh puts it.

Discover the documentary China Now on Nowness.

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