March 12, 2013


Even for those who think they know Paris, every promenade reveals previously undiscovered facets of the city. Moynat teamed with Nowness to produce a delectably delicate film offering a fresh vision of the City of Light through the eyes of a true Parisienne.

Shot by talented young filmmaker Mary Clerté, the short stars la Parisienne played by fashion blogger Jeanne Damas. On her Moynat bicycle, she invites us to join her as she explores arts and theater landmarks across Paris, a timeless and inexhaustible source of inspiration for creative talents.

We follow her as she retraces the footsteps of actress Gabrielle Réjane, the emblematic Parisienne and muse who inspired the founder of the company, Pauline Moynat, to create the Réjane bag, the perfect embodiment of Parisian elegance. Revisited by Moynat Creative Director Ramesh Nair, the iconic bag is worn with exquisite grace by our young heroine.

The film’s atmosphere pays tribute to the storied light of the French capital. The director skillfully captures the changing halo that continually transforms our vision of the city. Delicate animated sketches channel Belle Époque Paris and light up this captivating promenade.

To discover the film's full version, click here.

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