February 20, 2013

on tour


Pucci is dressing R&B star Rita Ora for her global “The Radioactive Tour”, a truly exceptional collaboration between two universes infused with glamour.

When the creativity of Peter Dundas meets the extravagance of Rita Ora, the result is a series of stage costumes that are each more spectacular than the next. These takes on silhouettes from Pucci’s Sping/Summer 2013 creations feature feminine, futuristic lines. They help transform these marquee musical performances into authentic fashion happenings.

Proportions and materials have been carefully conceived to give the artist complete freedom of movement. Each choreography is designed as a tableau with a distinctive universe. The singer travels from one scene to the next with grace and elegance, bringing Peter Dundas’ vision to live.

“I was thrilled to design the costumes for Rita's ‘Radioactive Tour’, from the moment I met Rita we've had a great connection and doing something like this together felt like only a natural progression. The costumes have impact and flamboyance in a way that feels personal to Rita whilst staying true to the Emilio Pucci aesthetic.” Peter Dundas

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