February 4, 2013



Radio Classique is encouraging budding composers and classic music lovers with a great new app that helps nurture their inspiration.

The radio station has launched two free applications developed in partnership with Samsung Electronics France, available exclusively on certain of the brand’s smartphones and tablets. The Classique Notes application offers a fun, educational introduction to the language of music, letting future Mozarts learn the basics of composition and solfege.

On smartphones or tablets in the Samsung Galaxy Note range, the app makes it easy to write down music notes with either a simple drag and drop, or by hand using the stylus. A player with a direct link to Radio Classique also provides unlimited access to the station’s programming.

The player application, also free, keeps users in touch with Radio Classique thanks to direct access to programs, as well as the station’s catalogue. The new app raises the profile of Radio Classique as the standard bearer for classic music, helping achieve its ambition of making classical music available to the broadest possible audience.

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