September 24, 2013

Preserving know-how


Cooperage firm Tonnellerie de la Sarrazine, exclusive suppliers of oak casks to the Hennessy cognac house, recently underlined its commitment to preserving the multiple skills of wood and forestry workers by participating in the second Bois & Forêts (“Wood and Forests”) event held on Place du Palais Royal in Paris, September 14–22.

Wood is an especially precious material for cognac-making. The aging and maturing of cognac depends greatly on the quality of the wood used in the casks and the cooper’s expertise. Tonnellerie de la Sarrazine perpetuates this know-how, passing it down through generations for more than 250 years.

A barrel-making workshop featured at the event gave hundreds of thousands of visitors the chance to discover this little-known craft, characterized by excellence and precision. During the weekends, two coopers also gave demonstrations of their know-how, from fitting together the staves to heat-shaping the barrel.

Tonnellerie de la Sarrazine’s commitment to preserving artisanal wood skills extends to forests as well. The firm uses only French oak, sourced mostly from the Limousin area and always from sustainably managed and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified forests. It even owns its own forest, the Bois de la Celle, one of the first in France to obtain PEFC certification for sustainable management. This long-term vision helps secure the future.

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