March 1, 2013

Fendi for


Fendi is funding one of Rome’s most best-known monuments, the iconic Trevi Fountain. Responding to a plea by mayor Gianni Alemanno, the Roman fashion House stepped up to fund the entire restoration project.

The storied fountain will get a complete makeover, including cleaning and repairs for the marble sculptures and sealing of the basins. Immortalized in Fellini’s 1960 movie La Dolce Vita, the Trevi Fountain - built between 1732 and 1762 - is one of the world’s most photographed fountains.

The initiative is part of the “Fendi for Fountains” project launched by the brand last year. The 20-month program is expected to be completed in 2015. After the Trevi Fountain, four more of the Rome’s most famous fountains will be restored to their original beauty before being immortalized by Karl Lagerfeld in a photo book on the subject.

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