March 29, 2013


In a mesmerizing feast for the eyes, Kenzo is showcasing its latest Women’s Resort collection in a film by contemporary British artist Mat Maitland.

Against a punchy, minimalist soundtrack by electro group Buffalo Tide, Kenzo takes us on a graphic, decidedly urban jungle safari. The video follows the trail that inspired Creative Direction duo Carol Lim and Humberto Leon for this resort collection.

The film stays true to Kenzo’s legacy of exotic iconography. Sometimes alone, sometimes in multiples, the models stroll through a kaleidoscopic universe surrounded by wild animals – leopards, giraffes, cobras, or parakeets – all in shimmering color.

The colorful coats of the fauna provided the inspiration for the prints in the collection. Long a Kenzo hallmark and an integral part of the brand’s DNA, prints play a starring role in the video, creating the fantastical and mind-twisting visual backdrop.

Kenzo on Youtube, click here


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