"Through patronage, we wish to give something back that is in the general interest and thereby share our economic success with everyone."
Bernard Arnault

If LVMH has established itself as a major economic player, it also constitutes a social and cultural institution in its own right. LVMH's economic success has thereby allowed the establishment, from 1990, of a legitimate and useful action of general  interest:

Legitimate, since the Group consolidates its development, year after year, as a unique body of values related to heritage, know-how, creativity, innovation, art of living. These values, shared and claimed by people worldwide, constitute the leading elements of its Houses' success, and of that of their products. Through patronage, LVMH intends to defend, and thereby redefine luxury as generous, affective, authentic, a definition to which the Group's chairman and his associates are truly committed.

Useful , of course, since LVMH's institutional action intends to mark, through a civic act in favor of the greater good, its commitment to solidarity with culture, youth, and the great humanitarian causes or public health issues.

LVMH's patronage is inscribed under the sign of creative passion, and a profound love of human values.

"La passion créative", Ed. Plon
Entretiens de Bernard Arnault avec Yves Messarovitch.

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