Young audience

The LVMH group offers children and young adults access to the best of culture, in particular in the spheres of music and art.

Enabling young people to attend the most exceptional concerts of the Paris season

The "1,000 seats for young people" initiative / Nurturing the music lovers of tomorrow. Since 1990, 22,000 concert seats have been offered to young amateur musicians attending local Paris conservatoires, allowing them to attend the most prestigious musical events (the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics, Maurizio Pollini, Jessye Norman, A.S. Mutter, Alfred Brendel, M. Rostropovitch...)

Opening young ears to contemporary music

LVMH sponsorship of the reopening of the IRCAM music research institute, organizing open days for young people.
IRCAM website

Giving high school students a chance to discover and love music

Partnership with the Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris, during the entire musical season, for the "Students at the Châtelet Theater" project (two school groups invited to each concert).

Allowing young people to discover the world of painting and its masters

A range of original initiatives have been implemented in conjunction with LVMH-sponsored exhibitions:

In collaboration with the National Education Documentation Centre, in all French high and senior Schools: a special edition magazine on Nicolas Poussin was distributed to all classes at the beginning of the 1994 academic year. The same initiative was repeated on the occasion of the "Cézanne" exhibition in 1995.

LVMH "Art discovery" classes

Since 1997, over 12,000 children, aged between 7 and 12, have participated in special workshops and educational visits, organized in conjunction with LVMH-sponsored exhibitions.
LVMH award for "Art discovery" classes

LVMH Multimedia "Painting and Music" workshops, organized in conjunction with the 1999 "Fauvism" exhibition

An unprecedented initiative for the benefit of both young and old, combining the newest technologies for an audio/video interactive discovery of exhibited works.

Discovery of young French female singers

Support for the Musik'Elles de Meaux festival and for teaching workshops created for junior high school students in the city of Meaux.

Nurturing musical sensitivity among youth through discovery of musical instruments and repertory

Support for the Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Foundation and its educational program "A toi de jouer" (Your Turn to Play), developed in collaboration with the Cité de la Musique.

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