management of performance and potential

The Management of Performance and Potential review, or MPP, is an annual meeting between managers and the people who report to them.

This exchange provides an effective tool for measuring the performance of each employee and supporting their development. Performance and development figure at the center of the MPP review. All Group managers are appraised using the same set of 10 LVMH competencies.

The MPP plays a central role in career development, allowing people to step back and reflect on achievements, challenges and future opportunities.

This dialogue should focus on business results, competencies and future objectives. The appraisals from managers should be consistent with the feedback their team members receive in their day-to-day work.


Developing others is one of the key competencies required by our business. For managers, the MPP is an effective way to understand individual employee motivations, to make their potential an integral part of their career development, and to deploy concrete development initiatives with and for employees.

The MPP process is also an ideal opportunity to make HR decisions, particularly concerning job mobility, promotions, training, projects, etc.

With a sharp focus on addressing performance challenges and career perspectives, the MPP is an ideal approach to retaining and motivating our talents.

Sustainable business results can only be achieved with the right mindset, the right attitude and the right managerial skills.

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