organization & management review (OMR)

Nurturing talented managers is a pivotal challenge for LVMH. The Organization & Management Review (OMR) is a powerful driver for the development of the Group and its people.

The OMR is a comprehensive annual review of organizations and management talents covering each LVMH entity worldwide.

Led by Corporate Human Resources in close liaison with company operational management, the OMR is designed to ensure that all our businesses have management talent available when and where they need it, in order to sustain their ongoing growth.

Coordinated by the Group, the OMR identifies the key challenges facing our businesses and their human resources impact.


The review spans two levels: it identifies key positions to prepare succession planning, and it identifies key contributors to prepare for their next moves forward within the Group.

This snapshot of the organization provides a precise vision of our resources, our needs and development actions to be taken in terms of mobility, hiring, training, etc.

The OMR process establishes the foundations for our human resources strategies. In recent years the OMR has integrated numerous innovations to facilitate and deepen exchanges between the companies and regional management, opening up new horizons for management of our management talent pool.

Each year, the OMR helps prepare the future of the Group while building motivating career opportunities for our most talented managers.

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