talent recruitment

In addition to developing internal talent, external recruitment is an invaluable source of fresh skills and expertise for the Group. Outside recruitment is thus a strategic pillar in our human resources policy.

LVMH and its companies seek to attract, recruit and develop the most talented individuals, regardless of their level of experience. The remarkable diversity of our ecosystem makes the Group extremely attractive to potential candidates thanks to the exceptional career opportunities offered. Thanks to our exemplary sourcing and recruitment approach, the Group is widely recognized as a preferred employer.

The Group recruits exceptional people capable of combining pragmatic and creative thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset and international vision. We seek people who feel a strong affinity with high-quality products.


An unyielding commitment to excellence and an ability to anticipate the future while respecting the DNA of our brands are essential to a fulfilling and successful itinerary in the prestigious environment of the LVMH group.

The LVMH group considers diversity to be a great asset and commits to deflecting any discrimination linked to age, sex, background, opinion or any other personal characteristics during its recruitment process.

LVMH has a decentralized organization. Each brand manages recruitment independently to meet its specific needs. The majority of positions available at LVMH and Group companies are posted on the LVMH website, enabling candidates to apply directly online. The company concerned processes the application.

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