The Group believes that our own development must integrate the search for a better quality of life for our customers, employees, shareholders, and the regions and various communities affected by our production and distribution operations throughout the world.

The Group's commitment towards environmental protection materialized in 2001 by the the "Environmental Charter" was reinforced in 2003 by joining the United Nations' Global Compact. That initiative, which was launched by Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the UN, requires its signatories to apply and promote nine principles in the field of human rights, labor and the environment.

Thus LVMH implements the concept of sustainable development.

Aim for a high level of environmental performance

In developing its businesses internationally, LVMH works to align its practices with those that offer the best level of environmental protection around the world.

Foster a collective commitment

The environment is the responsibility of every individual and LVMH believes that the awareness, education and training of its employees are top priorities. To ensure a continued high level of environmental performance, the Group believes it is vital for each company to set precise environmental objectives and implement a management system dedicated to this process.

Control environmental hazards

In addition to the most stringent compliance with environmental regulations, which is an absolute duty, the Group intends to focus on risk prevention. As a result, it allocates human and material resources to this goal.

Design high-quality products by integrating environmental innovation and creativity

Guided by its overriding concern for high quality, LVMH is working to improve control and better anticipate the environmental aspects related to the life cycle of its products. LVMH encourages all processes that result in environmental innovations and accepts its duty to exercise prudence and take precautions to ensure total safety for the consumer.

Make commitments outside the company

LVMH intends to contribute to the protection of the environment above and beyond just the aspects directly related to its own businesses. Because it considers that promoting respect for the environment is essential, LVMH is developing an active partnership with groups of businesses, local communities and the associations which contribute to this objective.

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