This is truly the mission of a group whose businesses contribute to the development of a standard of civilization. This standard clearly cannot endure unless we protect our health and preserve biodiversity. Every day, on every site, every decision must spring from these priorities.

Biodiversity preserved

Preserving biological diversity is a vital issue for the evolution of life on earth. LVMH group has built its businesses on a sustainable relationship with the natural environment, and consequently uses elements that are neutral or without impact on our ecosystems, either by growing plants or raising animals, or by using surplus elements. In this way, it complies in an exemplary manner with the regulations protecting rare species. The companies of the Fashion & Leather Goods and Watches & Jewelry sectors rigorously enforce the international CITES convention on endangered species. This agreement was designed to combat, through an import and export permit system, the overexploitation of certain endangered animal and plant species because of international trade.

The research work of LVMH's R&D laboratories in the village of Koro in Burkina Faso continues to bear fruit. In the spring of 2004, the Bikini line of Christian Dior acquired a new active ingredient: Anogelline. Native to this region, it comes from the bark of the Anogeissus leiocarpus tree. The spirit of the Annogelline project is innovative: a well thought-out bark-harvesting system, involvement of local residents, the planting of young Anogeissus trees to assure replenishment and the creation of the Koro Pedagogical and Botanical Garden. Over the months, the Garden has evolved: after setting up the basic infrastructures (walkways, explanatory signs, etc.), a collaboration with the nursery of the local Water and Forestry Department made it possible to plant about a hundred plant species, including some that are rarely or even never grown. In practice, the plants are distributed by category (medicinal plants, exotic fruits, trees of the African tradition, etc.), which helps visitors to better understand the plants of that country. Soon the garden will open its doors to the schools in the area.

Health - a priority

LVMH Group particularly monitors the health and safety of its employees and communities living near its sites during the development of its products. This is a top priority for its laboratories and development teams.

To ensure the safety and optimum quality of their food products, all the companies of the Wines and Spirits division apply at all their sites the HACCP method (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), which entails evaluating, controlling and reducing any risk of damage to the safe quality of the product at every stage of production.

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