Respect and enhance the environment when building

The quality of the natural, agricultural and urban landscapes is a priority for LVMH group. With this in mind, all Group sites are carefully designed to seamlessly blend into their environment.

Perfect mix of nature and culture

At Ducey, ten kilometers from Mont-Saint-Michel, a site that has been classified as a world treasure by UNESCO, Louis Vuitton has built its sixth production site in France, which created 280 jobs in Normandy. Designed to perfectly blend in the landscape, the plant has been open since February 2002. With two full glass sides, the production area (4,000 m2), which is invisible from the Mont-Saint-Michel monument, will enjoy a panoramic view and will be bathed with natural light. The materials, colors and volumes have all been designed to offer the best working conditions and preserve the environment.

Unite innovation and tradition: Integrated grape production

Production that is simultaneously clean, healthy and cost effective is the goal of integrated grape production. This method for the future, which combines high tech (more than 130 criteria) and respect for tradition, matches the values of LVMH group which has been practicing it for more than 10 years. All the companies of the Wines & Spirits division have made a commitment, above and beyond regulations, to respect the rules of integrated grape production based on professional recommendations. This approach covers all aspects of the life of a vineyard, including waste treatment, based on simple principles: use the right product, in the right proportions, on the right location, at the right moment, and use natural methods and products as much as possible.

Transform wastes into resources

Waste recovery transforms a limitation into an opportunity. LVMH group implements every resource to facilitate the recovery of its wastes. This requires efficient sorting that relies on the support and mobilization of our work force. The employees in all Group companies have received special training, and each work station on our production sites is equipped with selective sorting containers.

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