Our planet is unique, and its riches are not infinite. Human activity must now be guided by the concern to leave to future generations the vital resources, water, and energy that they will need.

Using our water resources sparingly

Each activity must manage water as a precious resource. It is a question of survival and solidarity that is being seriously addressed by the companies of the Wines & Spirits division of the LVMH group. Indeed, to obtain optimum quality for champagne or cognac, the presses and vats must be regularly cleaned thoroughly. A perfect product must be pure. However, to limit the use of water required for the cleaning, the companies are developing simple measures, such as training their employees in water conservation and the use of shut-off nozzles on hoses, or more technical solutions such as closed circuit air conditioners and bottle washers, automated rinsing sequences and many more.

Controlling energy

Energy use is at the heart of environmental problems and sustainable development. Burning fossil fuels in boilers, engines, for heating, light or transport entails extracting resources that are becoming rarer, causes local pollution, and emits greenhouse gases that threaten the climate balance of the planet. Saving energy and using it efficiently are global challenges. LVMH group has integrated these challenges into a total program to streamline energy use on its production sites. It provides financial assistance to its companies to conduct prior energy diagnoses in order to identify ways of optimizing their energy use.

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