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Loro Piana
Founded: 1924
Activities: high-quality ready-to-wear, leather goods, accessories and gifts, fine textiles
Corso Rolandi 10
13017 Quarona Sesia - Italy

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 Exceptional wool from Loro Piana 

Company overview

Founded in 1924 by Pietro Loro Piana in Quarona Sesia, in Italy’s Piedmont region, the eponymous House perpetuates the family and artisanal values that have always figured at the heart of its success. Savoir-faire, time-honored craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit have been transmitted over six generations, continuing to inspire the creation of all Loro Piana products.

With an constant dedication to excellence, Loro Piana transforms and enhances the most noble materials—including cashmere and baby cashmere, Vicuña, merino wool and lotus flower—into clothes or rare and precious objects. This philosophy informs the House’s iconic products such as the Roadster jacket for men and women, a tribute to automobile racing that combines cashmere and  technological prowess in the Storm System® fabric. Patented by Loro Piana, this fabric is totally waterproof and windproof. The Roadster is joined by other coveted creations such as the Aylit® (“As You Like It”) stole, the elegantly sporty Salzburg cape and the Martingala coat, all boasting the refined and discreet Loro Piana style.

With a deep respect for tradition, Loro Piana is actively committed to natural conservation. In 1994 the company initiated a partnership with local authorities and Campesino rural farming communities in Peru, making an important contribution to saving the Vicuña species from threatened extinction. This program culminated in the creation of a private natural reserve in 2008 named “Dr. Franco Loro Piana Reserva”. Thanks to this effort, Peru’s Vicuña population has increased from just 5,000 in 1984 to 180,000 today. In 2013 Loro Piana expanded this initiative to a high-altitude region in northern Argentina, where it has protected some 850 square kilometers for sustainable development and shearing of vicuña. The animals live in freedom, protected from poaching and continually monitored by veterinarians and experienced staff.

Thanks to vertically integrated production, Loro Piana controls the entire manufacturing chain for its remarkable products. Concentrated in the Piedmont region, Loro Piana production is exclusively “Made in Italy” and sold to a loyal following of customers through a network of over 140 stores in Europe, North America and Asia. The company joined the LVMH Group in 2013.

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