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Royal Van Lent Shipyard B.V.
Founded : 1849
Activities : Luxury superyacht industry
Julianalaan 3
2159 LA Kaag - Netherlands

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Helix, Feadship's brand-new superyacht

Company overview

The Dutch are recognized the world over as leaders in the luxury superyacht industry, which is not surprising considering Holland’s dramatic and ultimately successful battle against the seas. In fact, constructing vessels specifically for pleasure sailing began in this country at the end of the sixteenth century and even the word yacht has its origins in the Dutch language.

When it comes to premium motoryachts, no-one builds better than the Royal Van Lent yard. Its superb location on Kaag Island, one of Holland’s prime centers for aquatic sports, has a yacht building heritage dating back to 1849.

After Van Lent yachts won the Dutch speed championships in the early 1920s, the yard’s rise to international renown was assured. Then as now, the Van Lent families were innovators, being among the pioneers of electrified facilities, steel yachts and, in the 1930s, part-aluminum construction techniques.

An even more pivotal moment in yachting history came in 1949, when the Van Lent yard became one of the inaugural members of Feadship (the First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders). Initially set up to capture a share of the American market, Feadship became the undisputed number one brand in the premium motoryacht market and today includes Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw and De Voogt Naval Architects.

Royal Van Lent (the ultra-rare 'royal' award came from the Dutch Queen in 2001) has been responsible for scores of the world’s most famous Feadships and partnered with all the top designers. The 65m Al Riyadh, built for the Saudi royal family in 1978, was for decades the largest motoryacht and demonstrated the yard’s global appeal.

Other highlights over the ensuing decades have included the delivery of thirteen Royal and presidential yachts. The Royal Van Lent Feadship fleet is truly exceptional. With first class facilities and a highly skilled workforce, there is much more to come from this outstanding yard.

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