La Samaritaine

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La Samaritaine
Founded : 1870
Activities : Department store
19, rue de la monnaie
75001 Paris - France

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Company overview

Founded in 1870 by Ernest Cognacq and Louise Jaÿ, La Samaritaine evokes the Paris of the Second Empire, when Baron Haussmann modernized the city and the first department stores appeared.

The store transformed the traditional approach to selling, with individual prices on every item, inviting shoppers to stroll through the departments and try on clothes. Located in the very heart of Paris, on the Right Bank between the Louvre and Notre-Dame, La Samaritaine is an architectural icon where Art Nouveau and Art Deco meet in a harmonious whole.

La Samaritaine joined the LVMH group in January 2001, before closing for an extended period for safety reasons. Today, La Samaritaine has exciting new ambitions with a major renovation project led by the Japanese architecture firm SANAA.

The diversity that inspired the department store’s founders will continue to define the identity of the new Samaritaine from every perspective. The project integrates diversity of function, diversity of architecture and approaches to construction, as well as social and generational diversity. The multi-use complex will span four blocks—based on the original store buildings—between the Louvre and the Rue de Rivoli. It will incorporate a department store as well as two mid-sized commercial areas, a restaurant, a 72-room Cheval Blanc luxury palace hotel, 96 public housing units, a crèche and offices. The new development is scheduled to take around two-and-a-half years to complete.

The renovation project for La Samaritaine is part of a bold and innovative environmental vision.

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