Watches & Jewelry

Bulgari S.p.A
Founded: 1884
Activities: Jewelry, watches, leather goods, accessories, fragrances, hotels & resorts
Via dei condotti 11
00187 Rome - Italy

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Bulgari partners with Central Saint Martins 
 Bulgari, timeless jeweler for the Eternal City
 Bulgari certified by Responsible Jewellry Council  

Company overview

Founded in Rome in 1884 by the Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari as a single jewellery shop, Bulgari progressively imposed itself with its creations, emblems of the Italian excellence, featuring a highly distinctive style as a balanced mix of classicism and modernity.

The brand definitively came to the world limelight during the Dolce Vita years, when the flagship store in via Condotti turned out to be one of the favourite meeting places for international elite of artists, writers and actors.

As years went by, the Bulgari style in jewelry became even more strong, recognizable and appreciated.

The success and the pioneering spirit of the Bulgari family made the Company evolve into the today’s dimension of a global House: the roots in jewels and watches have found a new expression through accessories, perfumes and hotels.

The sense of volume, the refinement of motifs recalling art and architecture as precious legacies of its Greek and Roman roots together with audacious colour combinations are by now iconic characteristics of all the Bulgari creations.

Constantly in harmonic continuity with its inspiring past, Bulgari also stands for a daring innovation in design and an endless drive to find new ways to express creativity that testify an inimitable concept in doing, thinking and living luxury.

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