Château Cheval Blanc

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Château Cheval Blanc
Founded in 1832
Activities : winemaking
33330 Saint-Emilion - France

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Founded in 1832 by Jean Laussac-Fourcaud, Cheval Blanc was born from the idea of blending merlot, the traditional variety used in Saint-Emilion and pomerol, with cabernet franc. The late 19th century brought the château its first successes as European capitals developed a passion for this wine, with its flavors of voyage.

In 1954, Cheval Blanc obtained the ultimate consecration when it was awarded the rank of Premier Grand Cru Classé "A". This supreme distinction has since been confirmed with each passing decade. In 2011, renowned architect Christian de Portzamparc designed a "cellar on this hill" for Cheval Blanc, creating a harmonious connection with the surrounding Saint-Emilion countryside, open to the light of the vineyards, welcoming both winemakers and guests. Technology serves the talent of the winemaker, never replacing it. The buildings are certified to the demanding High Quality Environment standard, designed to optimize water and energy management, control hygrometry and provide ideal acoustic, visual and olfactory comfort, ensuring the well-being of all who work there.

Winemaking at Cheval Blanc is all about tradition, reflecting a commitment to achieve harmony and balance. Each plot is managed individually, the cycles of the vine are respected, with a continual adaptation to the nature of the grape and careful, time-honored practices. Château Cheval Blanc is faithful to the values that have guided its path to excellence: audacity, humility, exacting professionalism, expertise, timeless quality and savoir-faire. Cheval Blanc is legitimately equated with a truly unique haute culture.

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