Wines & Spirits

Maison Ruinart
Founded : 1729
Activities : Champagne
4, rue des Crayères
51100 Reims – France

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Company overview

The Ruinart House was officially created on 1st September 1729 by Nicolas Ruinart, a bold entrepreneur. In penning the founding document, he was realising the dream of his uncle, the Benedictine monk Dom Thierry Ruinart, to make Ruinart the first Champagne House.

Down the centuries the House has always fostered a culture of excellence, as embodied by the fundamental values of authenticity, openness, refinement and quality...

This quest for perfection is particularly illustrated by the predominance of the Chardonnay grape, which is included in the composition of the whole Ruinart range and of the prestigious Dom Ruinart champagnes, flowing through them and enhancing them like a golden thread.

The Chardonnay illuminates all these wines, exalting their brilliance and creating the particular fluidity that makes them so distinctive.

These qualities have perpetuated Ruinart’s culture and style over the years, making it today the aesthete of champagne that is recognised the world over.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation.

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