Christophe Navarre

Wines and Spirits

Christophe Navarre was born in Belgium on October 25, 1958.

He earned a degree in Business Administration from Liege University (Belgium). He also completed the INSEAD (France) European Marketing program.

He joined Continental Bank in 1980, then moved to Exxon, where he held marketing and sales positions with the Esso group. In 1989 he joined Interbrew, where he headed several different Italian and French subsidiaries.

Christophe Navarre joined LVMH in 1997 as President and CEO of JAS Hennessy & Co, building the company’s world leadership in the cognac industry. In 2001 he was appointed CEO of Moët Hennessy, the Wines and Spirits division of LVMH.

Christophe Navarre is also a board member of the Comité Colbert and a member of the Heineken Advisory Board.

He has been awarded the honorary titles of Officier de la Légion d’Honneur, Commandeur de l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole and Officier de l’Ordre de la Couronne de Belgique.

In 2014 Christophe Navarre was elected President of the Fédération des Exportateurs de Vins et Spiritueux de France (FEVS).