LA MAISON LVMH / Arts – Talents – Patrimoine

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La Maison LVMH / Arts – Talents – Patrimoine is a new multi-disciplinary cultural institution for Paris dedicated to artists and live performances, as well as the applied arts and artisanal craftsmanship.

It will open in 2020 following renovation of the former Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne. The original building, designed by Jean Dubuisson, winner of the Prix de Rome and a student of Le Corbusier, will be revisited by architects Frank Gehry and Thomas Dubuisson, Jean Dubuisson’s grandson.

A space for performances, exhibitions, métiers d’art and craftsmanship

Bernard Arnault has proposed an ambitious project in terms of both the architecture and the vocation of the building. The project centers on a revisiting of the architecture by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, winner of the 1989 Pritzker Prize and the architect of the Fondation Louis Vuitton, developed in close collaboration with the heirs of Jean Dubuisson. The site will become “LA MAISON LVMH / Arts – Talents – Patrimoine”, dedicated to the artistic creation, live performances, applied arts and exceptional artisanal craftsmanship that have long helped define the heritage of Paris and France. This renovated and updated heritage initiative will also be exemplary from an environmental perspective.

Program and activities with appeal for a broad public

Following work on the site, which is expected to take two to three years, “LA MAISON LVMH / Arts – Talents – Patrimoine” will be open to the public. It will host a diversified program of activities and events with two exhibition, concert and performance spaces, as well as artists’ workshops, a documentation center and a restaurant with stunning panoramic views.

The City of Paris and LVMH are especially committed to the educational vocation of this new institution, which will welcome schoolchildren and youth from urban neighborhoods, providing opportunities to discover these traditional métiers and the imperative of protecting and promoting this exceptional caliber of expertise, with support from the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence LVMH.

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