Hennessy and Cognac growers

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The uncontested market leader – representing nearly half of the world's cognac – Hennessy works closely with a third of the grape-growers in Cognac and the surrounding region, a relationship that in some cases spans several generations.

Hennessy works very closely with 1,500 cognac growers, also known as deliverers.

Working hand-in-hand with approximately a third of the region’s growers, sometimes for five generations, Hennessy is facing the issue of increasing its production capacities. In order to develop its supply, the House establishes the loyalty of its deliverers and assists them with all management issues at their establishments. In particular, it lends support on environmental and food safety issues and assists its deliverers in all stages of the life cycle of the vines, maintaining a close relationship with them and sharing its vision so that they may adapt their vineyards to future needs. In order to encourage the transmission of skills to new generations, the House also trains and supports young growers within a dedicated club.

Fully aware of the importance of passing on a healthy plant heritage, the brand provides financial support for research into wood disease.  It has launched an ambitious three-year scientific sponsorship project, which will notably feature a major symposium on the question in June 2015.

Beyond wine growing, the House generates nearly 800 internal jobs and 300 sub-contracting jobs in logistics, glass making, printing, silviculture and cooperage. In total, Hennessy represents a driving force in the cognac industry, ensuring the livelihoods of over 50,000 people.

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