Loewe’s leather goods training school

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With its new state-of-the-art training center right in its factory in Getafe, outside of Madrid, Loewe continues its legacy of leadership in leather goods.

The brand’s unparallelled knowledge of leather is Loewe’s key asset, critical to its global renown. To meet the growing demand for its leather products, Loewe doubled the size of its Getafe factory in 2012 and will create 150 jobs at the production site by 2016.

Loewe opened its Escuela de Maroquinería at the heart of its factory in 2013, with the goal of ensuring the succession of the House’s artisans and preserving a culture of superior craftsmanship that has been passed down over generations. The school’s mission is to train leather artisans who master all production stages – from cutting to assembling – and are fluent in the house’s core values: craft of the highest level, cultural awareness, uncompromising modernity and a commitment to innovation through new production technologies.

In the first three years of its existence, the school will host 280 students, who in addition to personalised mentoring, receive access to proprietary equipment and educational materials, and work closely with senior house’s artisans who are eager to pass on their expertise to a new generation. Loewe has committed to recruiting at least 60% of the school’s students after graduation.

Designed in partnership with the Comunidad of Madrid and the town council of Getafe, the school’s program targets applicants without prior training or professional experience and in search of employment. As a bridge between past and present firmly geared toward the future, the Escuela de Maroquinería aims to become the world’s leading facility for leather craft training, pioneering a strong ecosystem in which knowledge and work are nourished, preserved and expanded.

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