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As the leader in its industry, LVMH has a particular responsibility to demonstrate exemplary behavior. This is why LVMH signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2003. Along with the Universal Declaration of Human rights, this document inspired the definition of the Code of Conduct adopted by the LVMH Group in 2009, which was circulated to all employees.

LVMH has strengthened this commitment in 2017, updating the Code of Conduct to reaffirm the convictions and ethical principles that guide the Group. This Code of Conduct sets out the principles to which LVMH adheres in the conduct of its businesses. It presents the rules that all employees must follow in the exercise of their responsibilities, placing special emphasis on the integrity expected of all members of the Group. At the same time, this Code of Conduct ensures consistency and continuous improvements in practices at all Maisons.

The LVMH Code of Conduct encompasses six fundamental principles:

  • Act responsibly and with social awareness;
  • Provide a fulfilling work environment and recognize talents;
  • Be committed to protecting the environment;
  • Retain the trust of customers;
  • Retain the confidence of shareholders;
  • Act with and guarantee integrity in the conduct of business.

Adaptations of this Code of Conduct to specific areas are set out in the LVMH Environmental Charter and Supplier Code of Conduct, as well as in internal guidelines and codes of practice.

These measures represent a clear expression of the company’s commitment to exemplary ethics in general, and reaffirm the role that a Group with the stature of LVMH must play in society.

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